Junk Drawer: Week of April 22nd, 2013

Photo Source: The Flower Fields in Carlsbad by Jeff Alberts

Photo Source: The Flower Fields in Carlsbad by Jeff Alberts

Happy Friday, Wonderists!  So much great stuff to surf on the web this week!  I’ve been sitting here flipping coins over which links to include in the round-up, but I keep cheating.

Here we go:

Want to know where greatness happens?  It happens right here.

Why “thaaaanks” is the new “thanks.“  (And if you’ve been saying just “thanks” all this time, sorry, but you’re being rude.)

I was kicked out of the country for being too good-looking, baby.”  Sounds like a bad pick-up line, but it turns out it’s true.

This may be a reflection of my extreme sleep deprivation this week, but I laugh-snort every time I watch this.

The last 2 speakers of an endangered language refuse to talk to one another because they just plain never “enjoyed each other’s company.”

I don’t have much of a brain for science, but this awesome video from the International Space Station this week made me a believer. Also I love the freeze-dried astronaut food they sell in museum shops.

Why didn’t anyone tell me there is such a thing as HAPPY plane crashes?  Somehow I find these photos of miraculous plane crashes in which everyone survived a comfort.

Are you as excited as I am about Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” remake?  I am absolutely obsessed with this Gatsby-inspired fashion line and these simple steps for achieving your own 1920s pizazz!

Multi-purpose furniture that hangs on your wall and seats your guests?  I’ll take all three, please.

The United States starts measuring Gross National Happiness! That makes me happy.

And one more for the road…The Arrested Development character posters.   Only one more month!

What’s everyone up to this weekend?



  1. The Ayapaneco couple give meaning to the phrase “I wouldn’t speak to you if you were the last man on earth!” I’m going to my Happy Place this weekend then on to the Berkshires. Happy Friday.

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