Picture This: A Brown Bag Lunch Never Looked So Good


Someone get this guy a Father of the Year award.  Graphic designer David LaFierrere draws on his kids’ sandwich bags every day – over 1100 ziplocs since 2008 – and posts the photos to Flickr.  Not one to crack under pressure, he doesn’t apply the artwork until AFTER he’s made the sandwich.  And to think I can’t even make a decent smiley face with ketchup (admit it, you’ve done this), and this guy’s making a Sharpie masterpiece every day.  What a show-off.  Take a look-see at his other sandwich bags here!  Parents, you’ve been put on notice – time to step up your brown bag game.

I’m on a bit of a sandwich kick myself of late, but I knew I’d come to a fork in the road this weekend when I found myself eyeing the bologna at the grocery store.  I backed away slowly and reminded myself that I could do better than that, and so it is that I went in search of sandwich inspiration.  Here is what I found (PS – Pinterest, how do you know me so well – it’s freaking me out.):

20 Epic Sandwiches to Eat Before You Die (most dramatic statement about sandwiches ever)

30 Sandwiches to Love (this is an actual sandwich list, not a site for fetishists)

Coast-to-Coast: The Best Sandwiches

Pinterest Sandwich Inspiration (Because, as it turns out, there are some REAL fanatics out there who actually post things about sandwiches.  Weirdos.  Oh.  Wait.)

Someone ask me over for trivia night.  I will be an ACE at all the sandwich questions.

Did you know the PB&J is only the third most popular sandwich in America?  Can you guess the first two?  Or did you know that the most expensive sandwich ever sold was $28,000?  Because, you know, who needs to pay rent.  And can you believe the sandwich is 2,000 years old?  So is some of the food in my refrigerator.  Wanna know how the reuben got its name and why we have Walt Disney to thank for Mickey Mouse AND the Monte Cristo (my favorite sandwich)?

Okay, I’ve clearly fallen down the rabbit hole on this post.  What’s your favorite sandwich?  I need help.



  1. Lol ok this blog literally had me chuckling out loud :) Thanks Tanya :) OK, favorite sandwich… Gotta be a North Carolina (think spice and vinegar) pulled pork with coleslaw on kaiser roll… YUM!

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