Junk Drawer: Week of April 15, 2013

Photo Source: The WonderistLes Puces (Flea Market in Paris)

Photo Source: The Wonderist
Les Puces (Flea Market in Paris)

TGIF, Everyone!  Go ahead – call out sick, grab a Bartles and Jaymes, and pull up a seat for this week’s link love…

Blow-up dolls are so passé!  THIS is the next big thing!

Roger Sterling, you complete me.

Paint by Numbers for real grown-up art.  I am doing this!

Daffodils are just inherently cheerful, but this makes me love them even more!

Colbert on the Boston Marathon – couldn’t have said it better!

Don’t toy with me, Iran.  Have you invented time travel or not?!

Thoughtful, easy homemade gift for Mother’s Day!

This guy discovered his dog was insanely good at balancing on things, and amazingness ensued.  I’m terrified of dogs, and I’m in love with Maddie.

I don’t care if you’ve already seen this, watch it again and then dance.  This country needs a pep talk.  Thanks, Kid President!

You are more beautiful than you think.  I find this really, really powerful.

What do you have planned for the weekend?



  1. Nope, no person of the year award here, I fail way more than I succeed :) the interview was for one of my classes (getting my Masters in Education and my certification as a Child and Family Life Education Specialist) and we have been thinking about it and seriously looking into adoption (older kids) and foster care… More so adoption. The interview went great and helped in class areas as well as the personal areas! With Jackson turning 14 and Gunner 9 I figured time is going by very quickly and if we are to expand our family there’s very few reasons to wait! I’m no longer a new homeschooling mom (we are going on our 4th year) and my confidence in that area has increased incredibly. I’m in an environment that lends itself to adoption and/or fostering beautifully as a stay at home mom and hobby farm enthusiast always guiding and experiencing life with my kids and supported tremendously by a husband who has led our family for an amazing 16 years! Plenty of room in our house, acres upon acres in the country, a supportive church family, and time and love abounding to invest in another child… Seems like the right time eh!

    1. This is amazing. What lucky kids who will be adopted into your family! Am I too old to be adopted by you? I’d love to visit your hobby farm some day – even if you won’t adopt me!

  2. This weekend… Interview with CDS Foster Care director this morning, Cub Scout Field Day tonight, Cub Scout Pack (not my son’s, a different one) coming out for an education day on the farm tomorrow, Pampered Chef Party for a dear friend tomorrow night, church and Boy Scouts on Sunday! Fun weekend :) what are you up to Tanya?

    1. Jhenna, I have virtually NO idea who you do it all! Someone needs to get you a Person of the Year award!
      Are you going to be a foster home? That is INCREDIBLE. I would love to hear more about your experience.

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