Junk Drawer: Week of April 8th


Photo Source: Real Simple

If there is one truth that I hold to be self-evident, it’s that in every home, you will find a junk drawer.  You know, that place where you stash extra batteries, your toaster manual, orphaned coat buttons, and play tickets?  The junk drawer is a domestic treasure chest – home to some of your most coveted things (like your nephew’s drawings) – and yet also an archaeological dig of ancient artifacts (like that picture of you in a bikini from college).  And so I bring to you The Wonderist’s Friday feature: “The Junk Drawer.”  I’ll be sharing with you a mish-mash of link love from around the world wide interwebs – fun, important, off-the-wall stuff – just like the insides of your junk drawer.

Want to liven up your commute?  Try this!

It seems like just yesterday, Zach Morris was talking on one of these.  Happy 40th birthday, cellphone!

What do you think about this lingerie?

I need to get out more!

PopCrush recently released this list of Top 10 Songs about Brooklyn.  What are your favorite hometown songs?

Oh, man, I want this.  Real bad.

Molly Ringwald has a jazz album?!

Margaret Thatcher passed away this week at the tender age of 87, but this popular hashtag had many believing it was Cher!

I bet many of my friends with young children can relate to this playful tumblr about Reasons My Son is Crying.

Check out these photos from the Chuck Norris of photography – hard core!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


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