Introducing…The Wonderist!


Introducing…drumroll…dove release…my blog, The Wonderist! (Cue me shooting out of a cannon in some sort of patriotic leotard.)

I have spent the last year dreaming about writing a blog and thinking about how to make it interesting.  After a short-lived foray into blogging last year, I realized the only person who would want to read what I was writing was my mother (love you, Mom!).  So I took some time to really get to the heart of “what is the what” – what do I have to say that would help people feel connected to each other?  After all, isn’t that why writers write and readers read?

The name came first.  “The Wonderist” feels – to me, anyway – like the written-word equivalent of jazz hands.  I hope that it captures the enthusiasm I feel about life and hope that my blog can do the same.

They say that men think about sex every 10 seconds (okay, I made that up – you can look forward to more made-up facts when you read my blog!).  But 10 seconds is about how often I “wonder” about something – I wonder if I’ll ever live in France, I wonder if I could make a Cameroon juju hat from scratch, I wonder how many blog posts I could write about polka dots (the answer = a gajillion)?

I think life is pretty magical (I mean the fact that I got out of bed before 8am to write this is astounding), and I hope that my blog connects us all to other like-minded people who think creatively, care about helping others, and want to fall in love with every day like I do.  I know that there’s a whole community of “us” out there (I don’t mean to make us sound like aliens, but roll with it), and I truly believe in the power we have to affect change and inspire others with our shared gusto.

To that end, you can look forward to seeing things like:

  • Humor Pieces
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Features
  • Travel Journals
  • DIY Projects
  • People Profiles
  • An Advice Column
  • Book, Photography, and Music Reviews
  • And more!

This is going to be a spaghetti-on-the-wall experiment.  I’m going to try all sorts of things out, and, with your feedback, we’ll figure out what sticks.  Deal?

Let’s get started!



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