Wonderist Job Openings!


It’s official. The Wonderist wants YOU. I am looking for contributors of all shapes, sizes, and punctuation preferences. First stop: a monthly column. Then: world domination and Oprah’s annual income.

We can start with as small of a commitment as you’re comfortable with and go from there!  The main point is to create a community and HAVE FUN!

The only musts to become a part of The Wonderist team:

  1. Be unique (have your own voice)
  2. Keep the focus on upbeat, feel-good storytelling
  3. Have a well-oiled funny bone
  4. Be a go-getter


You can be located anywhere in the world to be eligible!

I’m looking for:

  1. A Social Media Director to manage The Wonderist’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and whatever newfangled technology is next;
  2. An Event Coordinator – why let everyone else have all the fun? Let’s plan some of our own rowdy, colorful, inspiring events!
  3. Contributors with ideas for ongoing series.
  4. Multi-Media Producers – it’s 2014. My nephews create more video content than I do, and that’s not okay. It’s time to branch this blog out into short videos with online content.
  5. A Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator – someone to work with me to build partner relationships and generate buzz!
  6. Multiple contributors in the categories below!


If you or someone you know is interested in any of these things, please have them contact me at thewonderistblog@gmail.com ASAP! And feel free to share this post around (this would be a great opportunity for college communications students to learn the blogging ropes and get exposure for their own portfolios – just sayin’).

Contributors Needed for Specific Categories:

ART ENTHUSIASTS! I love the innovative, quirky, message-driven work being created by big names and unknowns alike. Browse through my category “Eye Candy,” and if you’d like to be a part of scoping out great talent and sharing it with the internet, please apply!

COUCH-ARM COMEDIANS! What’s the point of getting up every morning, if you can’t laugh and eat overpriced bagels? I mean, seriously. If funny daily observations are your thing, let’s collab!

PEOPLE PERSON! Do you know a lot of people? Are you inspired by your best friend? This is where we talk about the “one-in-a-million” kindsa people – average joe’s and mega celebrities – who make the planet a better place. If you like to profile people who are making a difference, this is a great place to start!

ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS! Love to travel or just read about it? I’m looking for someone who’s interested in shining the light on the world’s best hidden locales – whether it’s a potato farm in Idaho or the twin lakes of the Azores. Indulge your adventurous side right from your computer screen, by making connections with communities all over the world!

IMPULSE SHOPPERS! I love stuff. I buy a lot of stuff. I yearn for a lot of stuff. I don’t have space in my 450 sq ft. NYC apartment for a lot of stuff. So I blog about it. Share my love of stuff? Then help me find and share the coolest whatchamacallits around. A great opportunity for curators!

SOCIALITES! Are you a socialite? Do you wish you were? I think every day is worth a celebration – whether it’s New Year’s Eve or National Marshmallow Day, make partying your personal objective and then blog about it. If you are drunk right now, this is probably a good job for you.

HEY, YOU! WITH THE BINOCULARS! Everyone has secrets – that crush on a lab partner, a belief in the healing power of crystals, a deep longing to have lavender hair (that last one’s me). This is where we get intimate. Have a desire to probe a little deeper into human nature? Let’s talk!

THE JUKEBOX! Do you spend every weeknight in the club? Can you name 5 European DJ’s? Is Spotify the best thing that ever happened to you? I want fresh music on the site every week. Got a good ear for good music? Contribute to The Jukebox!

FOODIES! I am pretty sure a good dinner is the true meaning of life.  I love sharing good recipes and just talking about the value of breaking bread with bon amis. If you’re a gourmand or just passionate about Cheetos, I’d love to have you join the site!

NERDS! I’m proud to be a nerd and to speak nerd language. If you’re into infographics, gadgets, statistics, bring it. People need to hear from you because, frankly, you’re going to be ruling the world one day.

BOOKWORMS! I would stay home and read all day every day if I could. I have stacks of magazines up to my clavicle and bookshelves that are buckling under the weight of novels. If you’re a fellow bibliophile, join the club and share your reviews!

ARE YOU A HANDYMAN? I find do-it-yourselfers endlessly inspiring.  I’ve barely graduated from construction paper and glue, so I need someone to help me up the DIY ante on The Wonderist!  If you have a tool belt, please apply!

If you think you might fit the bill OR if you think you might have a niche all your own that you’d like to grow on The Wonderist, email me, and let’s talk!  Email me at thewonderistblog@gmail.com for details, and let’s get started!



Built to Last!


Hi, everyone!  Apologies for the impromptu break – lots to catch up on!  I want to make sweet literary love to you… Find out where I’ve been hiding – after the jump!


Junk Drawer Friday!

Elderly Woman Blowing out Candles

Tomorrow marks International Women’s Day!!!  This is your opportunity to recover from bungling Valentine’s Day.  Whatever you do, take the time to appreciate the good ladies in your life!

And while you’re not busy hugging, kissing, and twirling her, here’s some fun link love from around the world: AFTER THE JUMP – CLOTHES THAT DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU’RE HORNY, THE MOST AWESOME WAY TO GET A JOB OFFER EVER, AND THE SURREAL FAMILY TREE OF VH1 SHOWS!



Jamie Tworkowski Quote

I love this quote.  Let’s all be that “other person” today – a screaming invitation to believe better things.  Sure, the cronut made me believe in better things.  Dry shampoo made me believe in better things.  But 3 year-old Emily makes me believe in better people.

I had a big ole lump in my throat watching her video.  The bottom line – if you have a lot of something, don’t hold onto to it – give it away to someone who needs it more.  See her beautiful story …after the jump!


The Jumping Project

Jumping 8

My mom always loved photos of people jumping.  Her favorite picture with my dad was of them jumping in the air at their wedding.

I’d always rolled my eyes at the idea, so maybe this is just one more step in the inevitable progression toward becoming my mother…but I have started to love jumping photos, too. It is virtually impossible to be sad when jumping.  Seriously.  Put down your egg & cheese, and try it!

So I was excited to stumble upon the “Jumping Project” on Flickr – an album with more than 55,000 submissions of people jumping.

My favorite sampling of Jumping Project photos (and a throwback music video) …AFTER THE JUMP!



Carnival of Venice, Italy 2012

Happy Fat Tuesday!  I’ve never really known much about Mardi Gras beyond the boobs, booze, and Zulu coconuts, but I do love a good reason to play dress-up!

Because this is a family show here on The Wonderist, I thought I’d get in the carnival mood and share some photos of – quite possibly – the classiest party of all time, the Carnival of Venice.

The elaborate masks became very popular in the 1700s – a time of decadence and “erotic revelry” in Italy.  (Sound a little Eyes Wide Shut, anyone?!)  But more importantly, they celebrate with something called Pancake Day.  I’m emigrating.

If masks freak you out, do what I’m doing and pretend they’re all David Bowie. Check out the stunning costumes after the jump!



St. Patrick Pin-Up

How on earth is it March already?  Probably time to start working on my New Year’s resolutions, huh?

I hope you had a great weekend and have an even better month ahead.  Please see what I’ve predicted in your March horoscopes …AFTER THE JUMP! (I am qualified to write horoscopes because I have a computer.)


Junk Drawer Friday!

Cher and Val Kilmer

Friday.  Finally.  Time to shed our work clothes for fleece-wear with elastic waistbands.  God, I love the weekend.

You planning to watch the Oscars?  Any predictions?



Photobooth Dogs

Photobooth dogs

I don’t know what’s happening to me.  Ever since I got a cat, I’ve gotten all squishy inside over animals.  Even dogs.  (I’ve been afraid of dogs for a good 30 years after one ill-fated incident where I tried to ride a friend’s Great Dane like a horse.)

This photobooth series of dogs by photographer Lynn Terry is so damn cute.  This week’s most happy-making photos …after the jump!


Big Softie


What is it about math teachers.  The story after the jump will make you melt!